Friday, November 28, 2008

The Search For Utik at Tutong: 2nd Episode [18-11-2008]

If i have to make a report it'll be like this! sorry for the late update guys. The crew: Dan, Zazu & Naz (newbie!).
Time of Angling: Midnight til Dawn Weather: Cold, Minor rain Water temperature: Moderate, not too cold. Water current: Extremely strong by 4am onwards Location:
  • 1st spot - Kuala Tutong [12am - 2.30am]
  • 2nd spot - Danau [3am - 6am]
The catch [time of catch]:
  • Kuala Tutong - Langut [2am]
  • Danau - Utik [6am]
Culprits suspected of taking our baits: Pak Katam & Ikan damit
Just another nice trip to Tutong, thanks to Zazu and Naz for bringing me along with you guys. It was a good one, i can say it was a successful one in terms of catching our target species. Didn't took that long for our bells to ring after the first casts, though it wasn't a 'first cast-first catch' hehe but that was good enough to tell us the fishes' presence for the night. Zazu encountered a feisty one but it got away at the 1st spot, daym~~ bro. I'm sure that must've been a big fish! though that got away, he caught a lil baby langut, a bit bigger than an average index finger. Badan damit tapi temakan jua udang basar bah~ hehe. Conditions changed by 1.30am, it was cold and foggy ( fog and mist - vapor condensed to fine particles of water suspended in the lower atmosphere that differs from cloud only in being near the ground - - we were wondering what was the difference between a fog and a mist, so i'm just adding it cause i didn't know that too!). Moved to Danau by 2.30am and reached there by 3am. The current was Ok for the first 20 minutes then it got insanely strong til a huge log hit the jetty we were on, thank God it was a strong cemented jetty, if not, die lah~~ :s I tend to get really frustrated because my bait kept on bitten off but no catch at all, I have a feeling it was the work of crabs all the time. The strong current wasn't helping either because it limits our casting area to only one side of the jetty where the water flows away. So i stuffed 2 heavy sinkers and threw at the other side from where the water current was coming. The sinkers was heavy enough that it wasn't affected by the strong current. I casted a few dozen times til we almost call it a day and there yea go, I caught an Utik!

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