Friday, October 3, 2008

Catfishing with wacky baits

Since this site highlights catfish, so i think it would be a good idea to do research on them and share it with everyone. I’ve found an interesting article on baits used to catch catfish.

  1. BABY CHICKS (freshly dead) - don't be mad, i know its unethical but it was used more than 60 years ago according to the article. I don't recommend this but it is Wacky! (crazy)
  2. SOAP - yes, sabun untuk mandi.
  3. SCENT BAIT - such as asafetida, a type of stink/scented bait derived from a herbaceous plant. used as spice. i think the previous post mentioned by Zazu, about using belacan and flour falls under this category of bait type.
  4. FRUIT BAITS - such as muscadines, mulberries, haw fruits, acorns and hickory nuts. note that the article is from US so the fruits here ain't the same. maybe we should try durians and see if we can catch a catfish.
  5. CATFISH itself - 3" to 6" long without the barbels, spine and dorsal fin/s (bleeding)
  6. GROCERY STORE BAIT - e.g. minced meat, frozen shrimps, cheese, beef/ chicken sausage, bread and bacon.
  • ROAD KILL! - anything road killed
  • WD-40 - yes, the spray contains shark liver oil. Spray your bait and increase your luck!
  • BUBBLE GUM - no comment LoL


NO BAIT at all! Believe it or not, for more information, here's the link of the article that I referred to

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