Thursday, October 23, 2008

its just a dream

wont we all love this to happen in this forsaken fishing spot... haha... saja... baru belajar kedaigambar (photoshop)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Whale Shark Mistaken for a Giant Catfish in China

There has been an email circulating around showing the pictures below stating that a giant catfish was caught but the thing is, it is not a catfish. I guess people get over excited to spread the news rather than to take their time to identify it. One of the most distinctive feature of catfishes are their barbels ('misai' or whiskers). Although there are a few species of catfish that do not have barbels, there is another way to identify them. Another feature that i think is distinctive is the position of dorsal fins. When you examine the pictures thoroughly, firstly, it doesn't have any barbels and secondly, the dorsal fin is way behind, towards the middle of the body. Just by comparing the distance between dorsal fin and gill slits, you can tell whether if it is a catfish or not. Catfishes should have their dorsal fins closer to their gill slits.
no whiskers
dorsal fin is towards the middle of the body emm~~ fresh meat with lots of white fats!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Catfishing with wacky baits

Since this site highlights catfish, so i think it would be a good idea to do research on them and share it with everyone. I’ve found an interesting article on baits used to catch catfish.

  1. BABY CHICKS (freshly dead) - don't be mad, i know its unethical but it was used more than 60 years ago according to the article. I don't recommend this but it is Wacky! (crazy)
  2. SOAP - yes, sabun untuk mandi.
  3. SCENT BAIT - such as asafetida, a type of stink/scented bait derived from a herbaceous plant. used as spice. i think the previous post mentioned by Zazu, about using belacan and flour falls under this category of bait type.
  4. FRUIT BAITS - such as muscadines, mulberries, haw fruits, acorns and hickory nuts. note that the article is from US so the fruits here ain't the same. maybe we should try durians and see if we can catch a catfish.
  5. CATFISH itself - 3" to 6" long without the barbels, spine and dorsal fin/s (bleeding)
  6. GROCERY STORE BAIT - e.g. minced meat, frozen shrimps, cheese, beef/ chicken sausage, bread and bacon.
  • ROAD KILL! - anything road killed
  • WD-40 - yes, the spray contains shark liver oil. Spray your bait and increase your luck!
  • BUBBLE GUM - no comment LoL


NO BAIT at all! Believe it or not, for more information, here's the link of the article that I referred to

learn as we go

i learn things everywhere i go. most definitely if it concerns on fishing. it helps me a lot to understand new techniques and methods to be an efficient angler. i learned a couple of techniques already. that you can use a piece of plastic as bait. that you can use belacan covered with flour as bait. i am yet to try it. some people say it works. all this depends though on which new knowledges that are truly useful or sometime a complete waste of time . hahaha. selamat hari raya

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Saya selaku wakil pengail utik, ingin mengucapkan selamat menyambut hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin.... jika ada tersilap kata, teplanting batu time casting, te-cross line kamu, ter cabul2 time mengail, temakan dan teminum makanan kamu and membawa kamu mengail tapi nda belurih. moga2 harap di maafkan. bukan nya senghaja tapi sudah nasib.... :D bah, hari raya jgn lupa datang rumah... p/s: awal2 ku mbari tau ni... nada ampau ni ah... lol

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kenali Ikan Kita

kalau kamu kan tahu cemana usul badukang, nah, liat tia banar2.
iatah badukang (catfish) ni namanya. badannya bebalang, hidungnya basar, ada misai, dan selalu senyum. 
di negara ani, badukang di pandang rendah. seolah olah ianyanya adalah ikan yang sial, nda bisai, nda bagus, mengacau dan lain lain. banar pulang, badukang ani makan apa saja termasuk najis2 manusia. kalau kita imbas kembali, dorang ani memainkan peranan yg penting di ekosistem kitani, tanpa dorang, nda lagi ada sistem pembersih air sungai yang semula jadi. bisdorg ani patut di hormati. cuba kita lihat di bawah.
liat tu orang puteh. nda memilih kan? utik lagi ulehnya. cuba orang brunei, kata2 lagi kalau dapat utik. hahaha! 
banar plg, basar wah utiknya.