Friday, January 9, 2009

Last Trip to Sangkar 07-01-2009

The crew: Dan, Fadhil, Farhan, Mawi, Metis & Zazu. Time of Angling: morning til dusk. Weather: Dry, humid & freakin' hot! Water temperature: Moderate, ok ok la. Water current: varies through out the day but not that strong. Water tide: stayed at constant level Location: Sangkar
ok guys, i can't really come up with the 'catch / time of catch' list because 1st, i don't know the name of all the fishes, GANJIL! PAYAH! and 2nd, it was pretty chaotic i don't know who caught what at what time lol [i was sleepy the whole time too kekeke]. so i guess its better for me to explain things in a story basis. once a upon a time, 6 friends went i'll start off by congratulating Met to have finally joined us for a fishing session and yes, ia pakai baju lawa2, bawa binoculars and some books on birds too lol but the main thing is he managed to catch his first utik! so Welcome to the club Met!! haha the highlight was on Met in the morning for catching the first fish of the day. he was away from the rod but thankfully Zazu was around to put up a fight with the fish. A few minutes later, the line seemed to be stuck, not intending to lose the line, the rod was passed around to Met and me for a few tries. I released the line bit by bit and managed to get the line free [the fish must've swam and free the line somehow]. After that Met just reeled it in and there it is, Lauk Putih! our hands were pretty much empty after that. we had lunch and decided to continue fishing at 2pm. we set up and descended the boat down onto the water and with the help of Zazu's high tech plastic paddles lol the journey began. Crew on board: Mawi, Fadhil & Metis. while they were busy casting along the mangroves, Zazu and I was watching them from a distance and suddenly we saw a big fish JUMPED out of the water! about 5 meters away from the boat! 3 to 4 feet high in the air! amazingly, people on the boat didn't see it but they heard the splash. It was pretty big, length of an arm or even longer and a white body. nda ku tau ikan apa. then Zazu went onboard to join them after that. Met said that he had a big encounter but it got away. The one who caught fishes on the boat was Fadhil and they weren't oridinary looking fish. He caught 2 fishes of the same species that we all don't know what its called. here's the picture.
weird, right? buat masa ani kami panggil ia ikan muncung saja haha
Back at sangkar, me and Farhan continued to cast but no luck. While taking cover from the sun, i rebait my spool [kirikan] then let it down and a few minutes after that, dapat Tambak seekor. 4pm. Baits were almost out by that time, the boating stopped cause it was too hot and motivation seemed to have gone down too. masing2 tah menyambung mengail perlahan-lahan, rileks2, mengitang dan melihat haiwan2 disekeliling sangkar seperti Monyet Belanda dengan menggunakan teropong berjenama Leica kepunyaan Metis. Im not really sure when did this happened but while Mawi was mengitang, ikan Tambak pulang naik. Its called 'Mengitang', so Kitang was expected not Tambak, tukar jadi 'Menambak' karang lol Metis caught his second fish, Umpak, somewhere in that time frame i think. Don't know much details cause i was taking a short nap. With the last of our live prawn, Farhan hit the strike! and this is what he caught!
a flounder!
Right after that catch, Metis hit another one! we don't know what, macam ikan pucung + mud skipper haha.
we'll call it Alien fish for now haha
5pm. Baits all finished. Without bait, cemana kan mengitang atau mengail? so Fadhil had a big idea, he took a net and scoop up ikan Pusu that was swimming around in one of the fish cage. Ikan Pusu tah menjadi umpan kami. i don't think anybody really believed in using Ikan Pusu as bait except for Fadhil, what else is there to do? ada umpan, pakai lah! so we all used it not putting high hopes and suddenly! Nah! Zazu dapat ikan Tambak, pakai ikan pusu tah lagi! that catch was what its all about. An experimental bait, good fight and an end with a victorious smile haha puas ati banar =)
ikan tambak tangkapan Zazu dengan menggunakan ikan pusu
the atmosphere changed right away, laku tarus pusu atu. Nda kali payah membali udang nanti. I gave it a try myself, put on 2 pusu, one dead, one alive. casted infront of sangkar. seems like no luck, no nibble and nothing. when i reel it in, i noticed that my line was kinda heavier, when i gave it a jerk, no response, so i think it must be hooked on some rubbish. As i reel it in and lift the rod, at first sight, i thought it was a bunch of leaves and when i looked at it closer, its a STARFISH!
starfish aka tapak sulaiman
haha of all the fishes in the sea/river, why a starfish???? its almost like someone is making a pratical joke hahaha with that catch, i was so entertained, it makes me wanna laugh just thinking about it! [as you have may noticed i didn't put utik as part of the highlights in this update but as a reminder, we did catch some lol even by using pusu as bait!] Summary:
  • Farhan - flounder
  • Zazu - tambak [umpan pusu]
  • Mawi - tambak [semasa mengitang]
  • Fadhil - ikan muncung x2 [masa arah boat]
  • Danial - tambak [kirikan], starfish [umpan pusu]
  • Metis - lauk putih, umpak, ikan alien
Met, you have done well, seems like you have outrun us for this session hahaha but all in all, its like a whole new experience for everyone. Mungkin memang jua takdir umpan udang hidup yang di bali atu sikit ganya, kalau inda, tertutup lah minda kitani hingga ke sesi memancing yang akan datang. Udang~~~ tah ganya tu. Atupun kalau tanpa idea si Fadhil atu, PAYAH jadinya! misti ada semangat ingin mecuba atu. Its because of that idea, everyone got a fish. big applause to Fadhil and his ikan Pusu!
i'll add more pictures soon!

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