Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY trip 26-01-2009

The crew: Dan, Fadhil, Farhan, Katip, Mawi, Razid & Zazu. Time of Angling: morning til dusk. Weather: main-main cuacanya masa atu. Water temperature: varies due to rain. Water current: very strong in the afternoon. (water was very dirty in the morning) Location: Sangkar
i really wish i can write something about the trip for 2000 or 5000 words [just exaggerating lol] , but due to the fact that it was not really the kind of trip most of us would expect. we caught a lot of fish!, i mean, we caught a lot of our MASCOT. from the previous trip, being unable to record the time of catch, i just feel that there's something missing. what if we knew when is the 'right' time that a certain fish would come around? if we knew when, then maybe it'll be easier for us to fish a specific species. so i took the initiative to bring along my small notepad to jot down what we caught and what time. And here's the summary:
11.40amikan putihFarhan
12.10pmikan putihZazu
assuming we all are using the same technique (bottom-fishing). as you can see from the result of this fishing trip, utik can be caught throughout the day, day and night, anytime! i think we need to update the meaning of "bagaikan utik di perairan Brunei", it should say - d mana mana pun ada, bila bila pun ada. LOL other than the data on utik, the highlight is on the ikan putih! they are caught during midday. about half an hour difference from noon. first one caught @11.40am, second one caught @12.10pm. 'thats mean' ikan putih are roaming around or active during that time of the day. ofcourse its not just the time we're suppose to look at, but we have to include the specific conditions of water, weather etc and especially the location where they were caught. (both caught at the back! right guys?) anyways, from my past experience, ikan putih are usually caught in the morning, so this should support that if we fish in the morning, we are likely to have more chance to catch ikan putih. so next time, in the morning, cast di belakang ah heheh i think we have performed very badly for this trip, its like we didn't have that magic at all. but at least 2 of the guys caught some good fish! hehe they're very lucky! but its ok, theres always next time. maybe if we keep on recording this type of data, we'll be much 'luckier' anglers hehe owh, by the way, about the ??.??pm, i kinda ran out of motivation, line got snapped a few times, sinker, hook, all gone and no nice fish. so i lost my consistency to write the data lol i'm sure i must've missed a few utiks in the data haha. And about tambak, there was only one caught, there aren't enough elements for me to make a conclusion of how we can actually increase our chance of catching it. sory for the late update on the pics... ani nganya uleh ku menggambar

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